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Formula One Quiz

So you think you know all about Formula One? Try our quiz and see how much you really know.

Recent history

Formula One Quiz

QUESTION 1. In which two consecutive years did MacLaren finish second in both the Drivers' and Constructors' Championships?

A) 1998 & 1999
B) 2000 & 2001
C) 2001 & 2002

Formula One Quiz

QUESTION 2. In which year did Ferrari record fifth successive constructors' title, with Michael Schumacher the first man to take six drivers' crowns?

A) 2001
B) 2002
C) 2003

Formula One Quiz

QUESTION 3. In which year did Benetton announce that it would be renamed Renault?

A) 1998
B) 1999
C) 2000

Formula One in the Nineties

Formula One Quiz

QUESTION 4. In which year did the Sauber team race its first Grand Prix with J. J. Lehto taking fifth in South Africa and the team end the season sixth in the Constructors' Championship with 12 points?

A) 1992
B) 1993
C) 1994

Formula One Quiz

QUESTION 5. Who took the Drivers' Championship in both 1998 and 1999 seasons for McLaren?

A) Mika Hakkinen
B) David Coulthard
C) Eddie Irvine

Formula One Quiz

QUESTION 6. Which team did Johnny Herbert represent in the 1996 and 1997 seasons?

A) BMW Sauber
B) Renault
C) Ferrari

Formula One in the Eighties

Formula One Quiz

QUESTION 7. In which two consecutive years did Alain Prost win the Drivers'Championship for MacLaren?

A) 1983 and 1984
B) 1985 and 1986
C) 1987 and 1988

Formula One Quiz

QUESTION 8. In which year did Niki Lauda, (driving for McLaren) take the Drivers' Championship by half a point from team mate Alain Prost?

A) 1984
B) 1985
C) 1986

Formula One Quiz

QUESTION 9. In which year did Prost takes four wins for Renault helping the team reach second position in the Constructors' Championship?

A) 1982
B) 1983
C) 1984

And finally, back to the present

Formula One Quiz

QUESTION 10. Which Driver finished top of the Drivers' table in 2005?

A) Kimi Räikkönen
B) Michael Schumacher
C) Fernando Alonso