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About Argocats

What is an Argocat?

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The amphibious, all terrain ARGO is manufactured in Canada. It has proven its capabilities as a reliable off-road vehicle in some of the world's most remote regions. The 6x6 or 8x8 ARGO models seat up to six passengers. Enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts of various physical abilities enables people to gain independence in the great outdoors. For nearly four decades it has been used around the world in recreational pursuits such as hunting, fishing and bush trekking through mud, across water and over snow. The ARGO is also used in utility and resource management, forestry, agriculture, and for safety and rescue.

Three true stories about the Argocat

1. On 1st February 2006 two men from Salem got lost while snow shoeing in east Linn County and were rescued by a Linn County sheriff's Search and Rescue Team. The men had been hiking when nightfall came and they lost their way back to the main trailhead. The sheriff said the men were prepared with food, water, adequate clothing, and a cell phone. A GPS signal from the cellphone was used to locate the men and direct searchers to their location. Search and Rescue responded with 14 searchers and used snowshoes and an ARGO all-terrain vehicle equipped with snow-tracks.

2. On September 9, 2005, the various teams deployed in response to the devastation in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina were notified that a large sea mammal was stranded in a tidal marsh just south of Waveland, Mississippi near the Louisiana border. Upon arrival the teams learned that the animal was a California Sea Lion, which had been washed to sea twelve days earlier when the hurricane struck. The animal, named Andre, is a 550-pound trained sea lion owned by Marine Life Oceanarium of Gulfport, Mississippi. It was learned that Andre would respond to commands from his trainer, who was then contacted, brought to the scene and transported out to the site (via the ARGO) to check on the condition of Andre. The animal had travelled 15 miles from its original location, and was washed into the tidal marsh by a 30-foot storm surge and had become trapped as the water receded. Rescue from the marsh presented an exceptional problem - tidal mud prevented any conventional vehicle from reaching the animal's location. Since the Rowan County Rescue Squad was the only agency in the immediate disaster area with an ARGO, they became the logical agency to attempt a rescue. Upon deployment the ARGO performed flawlessly. There were no problems entering the marsh, even with rescue personnel on board. They were able to cage the animal (after a little coaxing with his favourite fish), load the cage into a makeshift skid, and tow the skid to shore with the ARGO. The sea lion was recovered in good condition and immediately taken to a facility for treatment.

3. In 2002 a hunter, who had fallen from a tree, was rescued by a paralysed man in a specially equipped ARGO. Emergency medical technicians couldn't navigate their ambulance through the thick woods, so were ferried to the site in the ARGO. The rescue further involved crossing a muddy creek (impossible without the ARGO) and when firefighters came to the scene again the ARGO came to the rescue and they used the ARGO's lights to clear a path for the rescue vehicles.

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